Apply to universities around the world with guidance from highly experienced counselors.

Global Access Pathways (GAP) offers a student-centered, proactive, systematic, and comprehensive university counseling program for students who have limited or no access to university counseling.
Applying to university can be daunting for students and parents. The GAP program helps families build a balanced and best-fit university list. You will develop knowledge and skills necessary to send well-prepared university applications. You will receive access to carefully designed presentations and tasks that will prepare you for university applications while simultaneously keeping you on pace to meet GAP and university deadlines.
GAP makes sure that you are well-informed each step of the way through regular updates and reminders. You will be in regular contact with your GAP Counselor through email correspondence and one-on-one meetings.
Program Duration

Full Program: 20 months Partial Program: 8 months


Online program. Individualized University Application Plan. One-on-one counseling support.

Client Population

Students who have limited or no access to university counseling

University Destinations

Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, UK, and US

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Years of Experience

What Makes Us Unique?

The GAP Program is designed and delivered by experienced university counselors. Our counselors have over 100 years of experience supporting students and parents at top tier international schools around the world. The GAP team takes a collaborative approach and regularly meets to discuss how we can best support our students and parents.
The GAP Program includes packages for studying in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the US. If you are thinking of applying to universities in several countries, then you can choose a Combo Package that combines country destinations.

Free Access to MaiaLearning and Concourse

All GAP packages include access to MaiaLearning, a comprehensive university research and application platform. The packages also include access to Concourse, a platform where students can receive admission offers and scholarships from universities around the world with no application required.

Limited Seats

There is a limit to the number of students we can work with at any given time. Priority is given to students with limited university counseling resources at their school.

Online Program

Attend one-on-one meetings, view presentations and work on university research and application assignments, all from the comfort of your home.

Proven Curriculum

Our university counseling curriculum has been developed over many years and we know from experience that the program leads to successful outcomes.

Student Engagement

Engage with the curriculum and take ownership of your university research and application process. Experience has shown that students who are prepared, organized and reflective manage the process efficiently and are satisfied with their university options.

University Counseling Network

The GAP Counselors are actively engaged in the field of college admissions, and we are well-connected with university representatives and counseling colleagues around the world. We utilize this network to support you in your application process.

Here’s how we’ll help you

Get access to expert university counseling professionals who have made it their careers to support students and parents throughout all aspects of the process.