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The GAP Program

The GAP program leads you through the university research and application process in a timely manner. You are provided with an individualized application plan and fully informed on all aspects of the research and application process through one-on-one meetings, regular updates, and email communication. You get access to comprehensive presentations on how to research and apply to university systems around the world. You are given assignments to work on after each presentation so that you can put into practice the ideas and strategies shared with you. We help you identify your personal research criteria and we propose universities that are a good fit for you in countries of your choice. We may also provide guidance on scholarship opportunities, Division I-III athletics in the US, applying to Oxford, Cambridge, and Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Science.

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Study in the UK and the US

Study in the UK and any number of countries outside the US

Study in the US and any number of countries outside the UK

Study in any number of countries outside the UK and US