Study in Europe

Study in Europe

PresentationsFull ProgramPartial Program
Application Requirements
Building a University List – How to Read a University Website
Completing Studielink for Dutch Applications
Discovering your fit
Introduction to University Applications
Introduction to University Research
Nuts and Bolts of Applying to Europe
Planning your Post-High School Path
Studying in Europe
Universities around the world
One-on-one Sessions with your GAP CounselorFull ProgramPartial Program
Getting to know your needs and preferences and discussing next steps
Building your Longlist
Presenting your post-high school path to your parents and getting feedback from your GAP Counselor
Planning for the summer and Motivational Statement Review (1)
Grade 12 Check-in Meeting: Building your Shortlist
Building your Applying List and Motivational Statement Review (2)
Reviewing applications and Motivational Statement Review (3)
Making decisions and transition to university

Full Program: Grade 11-12

Study In Europe - $4000

14 Presentations on the university research and application process

8 one-on-one sessions with your assigned counselor